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Latest Receiver-in-Canal Technology

Bluetooth Controlled


  • 30 Days FREE Returns or Exchange
  • FREE Consultations
  • Lifetime Customer Care
  • Full Warranty, Services Included!
  • 2 Year Loss & Damage Policy
  • FREE Shipping

$799 a Pair

$69/mo with


Crisp, Clear Sound that will Reconnect You with Life

Doctor Recommended. Audiologists Approved.


Our Exclusive RxHearing Care Package!

You Receive:
  • A pair of our AudixMax rechargeable hearing aids, 

  • 30-day trial, FREE returns or exchanges

  • FREE portable pocket sized charging case

  • Lifetime hearing care provided by our Licensed Specialists

  • Full product warranty, plus services are included!

  • FREE technical support

  • FREE 2 year Loss & Damage insurance coverage

  • Lifetime access to FREE consultation to address hearing needs

  • FREE RxHearing Care APP. Need assistance? Have all of our services instantly available

  • FREE FedEx Express 2nd-day delivery

Playing Basketball

Maximum Performance for Your Active Lifestyle

AudixMax RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) hearing aids give you the ultimate performance for your active lifestyle.  With the speaker located in the ear canal and closer to the eardum, AudixMax deliveries an extra boost of gain with a reduced chance of feedback. RIC styled hearing aids amplify high-pitched sounds very well and are favored by people with mild to moderate hearing losses. 

Crisp, Clear Sound will Reconnect You with Life

High Performance Digital Processor. With advanced features like 16 independent processing channels (12 amplification, 4 Compression) and adaptive feedback reduction, AudixMax will restore the clarity and quality of sound that your life has been missing.

Choice of Multiple Memories and Notification Tones will adapt your AudixMax to varying environments and keep you notified of memories, volume levels and low battery warnings.

Affordable Hearing Aids. Reconnect with Life®

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Available in Silver & Beige

Extremely Advanced Features

  • Incredible clarity with extended high frequency range 

  • Directional microphones with beam-forming technology

  • Latest generation of multi-layered noise reduction

  • Advanced feedback reduction - best in it's class!

  • RIC technology for pureness of speech and sound

  • 4 memories programmed to meet all of your daily needs

  • Discreetly worn and miniature in size

over 100 hours of use per charge

  • Our lithium ion charging case lasts for over 100 hours per charge 

  • Hearing aids last up to 35 hours per charge

  • Hands-free automatic on/off function

  • Pocket sized portable charging /carrying case

AudixPro is Bluetooth Controlled by Smart Phone

About Us - Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Licensed Hearing Professionals

We provide Free Consultations and Lifetime Care for all RxHearing Customers.

Our licensed Hearing Specialist and Audiologists have over 100 years of combined experience and service.  Schedule a free consultation today and discuss your hearing concerns with our licensed professionals.


The ULTIMATE in Hearing Care
Self Testing /Self Fitting
Artificial Intelligence...for Everyone

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$799 a Pair

$69/mo with

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