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We are the Leading provider of OTC Hearing Aids

RxHearing offers Medical-Grade OTC Hearing Aids with the most advanced features and functionality on the market today. They meet FDA standards for mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Our team of Licensed Hearing Specialists has a combined 100 years of experience in the hearing aid industry.

Diversify Revenues. Generate More Foot Traffic. Improve your Patient’s Health.

RxHearing Benefits to Pharmacy Members

Watch our 2-minute video outlining our program

RxHearing Hearing Station for performing hearing tests
headset for the RxHearing Care Station

RxHearing Care Station

Performs Hearing Tests
Schedule Patient Consultations
Order Hearing Aids Direct

In-Store Hearing Tests

Patients can take RxHearing’s hearing test to screen for their hearing loss at your location and receive recommendations.

Dedicated Hearing Care Services

Patients have access to RxHearing’s Licensed Hearing Specialists to discuss their hearing health and test results.

Advertise Your New Hearing Care Solutions

RxHearing supplies our Pharmacies with sales collateral and digital assets to market their new Hearing Care solutions.

Sales Dashboard & Promotions

Track all sales and Online referrals through a dedicated sales dashboard. Partners receive custom Discounts Codes.

Hassle-free for our Pharmacy Partners

RxHearing manages all Customer Service and Returns.

Professional Quality Hearing Aids

Compensation on Hearing Aids

At RxHearing, we offer a wide range of hearing aids to suit your Patient’s needs and preferences. From discreet in-the-ear devices to powerful behind-the-ear models, our hearing aids are designed to help your Patients hear better and live better.

You receive the same Profit if you sell in-store or by online referral

$250 Profit


AudixLife ai

Our AI-powered rechargable hearing aid, a convenient and practical solution for hearing loss.


Patient Price:

$720 per pair

Wholesale Price:

$470 per pair

Profitper sale:


$150 Profit



With RIC technology, enhanced clarity,  this rechargeable hearing aid also includes a Bluetooth control app for ultimate convenience.

Patient Price:

$540 per pair

Wholesale Price:

$390 per pair

Profit per sale:


$100 Profit

Invo - 2.jpg

Invo CIC™

Our miniature size rechargeable hearing aid, the ultimate solution for discreet and convenient hearing assistance.

Patient Price:

$360 per pair

Wholesale Price:

$260 per pair

Profit per sale:


Patient Receives

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Financing Options Available, Free Shipping, Free Warranty, Free Loss & Damage

Pharmacy Receives

Payment Terms are Net 30, In-Store Displays & Brochures, Digital Assets for Ad Campaigns, RxHearing Manages all Customer Service, Administration Dashboard

If you’re not successful with selling our Hearing Aids after 60 Days, RxHearing will buy back your inventory at Full Price!

Join the +100 Independent Pharmacies who are offering RxHearing solutions to their Patients.

A Hearing Care Solution Designed for Independent Pharmacies

Like you, we are a small business, serving a community of pharmacies who serve a community of patients. We respect and value that relationship. We go above and beyond to deliver a quality solution, building on the trust that you’ve spent years building. Just ask our current Pharmacy partners:

"We’ve sold dozens of hearing aids with RxHearing’s support, providing us with a healthy new revenue stream."

Tom – Horsham Square Pharmacy, PA

“Easy to launch. Extensive training. Excellent customer service. Our patients love our new hearing aids”

Billy - Brooklere Pharmacy, AL

Training & Education

We supply you with all the tools and resources to be successful. We have a dedicated Training page with videos, tutorials and helpful guides to educate you and your staff. We take hearing loss seriously, the more you’re educated, the more comfortable your patient will be when purchasing.

Outreach & Marketing

We offer customized and co-branded marketing strategies to introduce your new Hearing Care program to your patient community. We leverage online strategies, social media, SEO, press releases and traditional print promotions like brochures, displays and bag stuffers – all to generate interest and sales.

Onboarding & Support

We’ve made our comprehensive hearing care solution simple and seamless to integrate into your daily activities. We ensure a smooth rollout and that is tailored to meet your workflows and your timeline. You have free access to a team of in-house Licensed Hearing Specialists to support you and your patients.

Best Practices & Innovation

All hearing aids manufactured by RxHearing meet FDA guidelines for mild to moderate hearing loss. We design, we engineer and program our own hearing aid technology. In addition, we develop the phone apps that connect to them. Just like an Independent Pharmacy, we compete against the “big guys”.

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RxHearing Welcome Kit

To get started with RxHearing, please select a Welcome Kit option below:

Station Only

No Inventory (Referral Only)

✔ RxHearing Care Station
✔ Displays, Brochures, Bag Stuffers
✔ 10% Discount Code for Patients
✔ Co-Branded Website


Standard Kit

2x AudixLife, 1x AudixMax, 2x Invo

✔ RxHearing Care Station
✔ Displays, Brochures, Bag Stuffers
✔ 10% Discount Code for Patients
✔ Co-Branded Website
✔ Free Branded Video = $200
✔ Free Digital Ad = $100
✔ Free Print Ad = $100


Premium Kit

3x AudixLife (+1 Promo), 2x AudixMax, 2x Invo

✔ RxHearing Care Station
✔ Displays, Brochures, Bag Stuffers
✔ 10% Discount Code for Patients
✔ Co-Branded Website
✔ Free Branded Video = $200
✔ Free Digital Ad = $100
✔ Free Print Ad = $100
✔ Free AudixLife In-Store Promo


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