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RxHearing Care Station

Hearing Aid Model Comparison



Open Thin Tube Technology

$599 a Pair


AudixPor Hearing Aids Have a 5 Gold Star Reveiw

Receiver-in-Canal Technology

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$799 a Pair

Your Price $539!
10% Discount
Your Price $719!

What is the Difference Between the AudixPro and AudixMax?

Detailed below you will see that the technical features of the AudixPro and AudixMax are the same. The difference is created in the delivery system of the amplified sound.

As illustrated below, the AudixPro has the "speaker" located internally and the sound is delivered through a thin tube. For the AudixMax, the "speaker" is located externally and the sound is delivered directly to the eardrum.

Open Thin Tube
Thin Tube Hearing Aid Technology.png
Sound Tube
Speaker Located Internally
Speaker Located Externally
Wire Connection
Key Benefits
  • Open fit technology eliminates occlusion

  • Crisp, clean, clear sound

  • Produces very natural sounds at mild-to-slightly moderate listening levels

Key Benefits
  • RIC open fit technology eliminates occlusion

  • Crisp, clean, clear sound

  • Better enhancement of higher frequencies

  • Speaker location "in-ear" provides higher amplification

  • Reduces the chance of feedback at higher volume levels

AudixPro Recommendation
  • For first time users finding themselves needing that extra hearing boost in their daily activities

AudixMax Recommendation
  • For first time and previous hearing aid users who are in the need of a higher amplification levels with better feedback control.

Symptoms of Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss

  • You frequently ask others to repeat themselves

  • You turn the TV to a volume others find loud

  • You have trouble understanding conversations in noisy places

  • You have difficulty hearing women and children’s voices

  • You feel like others are mumbling

  • You have trouble hearing on the phone

  • You avoid social situations that were once enjoyable

  • You are told by others that you have hearing loss

Product Usage Range




Recommended for Mild-to-Slightly-Moderate Hearing Loss

Recommended for Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss

2022-11-11_10-39-34 (1).png

The AudixPro fitting range is for test scores where the majority of the scores are above the yellow dotted line.

The AudixMax fitting range is for test scores where the majority of the scores are below the yellow dotted line. However, the AudixMax's technology allows the device to work exceptionally well throughout the entire gray shaded area.

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