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Free Online Hearing Test

Start Your Test by Selecting a Listening Method

Please Note:

The test will self adjust based on the parameters you enter. Therefore, it is imperative that you enter your gender, age and testing method (headphones, earbuds, speakers). Using SPEAKERS only provides a general overall result (both ears combined).

Screening with quality EARBUDS or HEADPHONES will provide the most accurate results. Each ear will be tested individually. The noise level in your environment is important too. Please perform in a quiet area and ensure your ears are not impacted with earwax.

Please Watch the Above Hearing Test Video Before Taking the Test

PLEASE Reduce Your Speaker Volume Back to Your Normal Listening Level After Testing

Understanding Your Screening Results

RxHearing Aids FREE Hearing Test Results Chart
Sample Results

Normal hearing: You can hear quiet sounds of less than 20 dB (although it is possible to have hearing difficulties even if your hearing is in this range)

Mild hearing loss: Hearing loss between 20–40 dB (typically you might find that you have difficulty following speech in noisy situations).

Moderate hearing loss: Hearing loss between 41–70 dB (you will probably find that you have difficulty following speech)

Severe hearing loss: Hearing loss between 71–95 dB (you will have severe difficulty following speech without a hearing aid

Profound hearing loss: Hearing loss over 95 dB (have a need for hearing aids, cochlear implants, sign language and lip-reading)

Notice: If you suffer from severe or profound hearing loss you should contact a local Audiologist. If you need assistance, please call us and we will set up an appointment with a local professional for you.

Recommendations Based on Your Screening Results



Recommended for Mild-to-Slightly-Moderate Hearing Loss

Recommended for Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss


If the majority of your hearing results fall in the above shaded gray area, you may have a 

mild-to-slightly-moderate hearing loss and the AudixPro is suitable for your needs.

If the majority of your hearing results fall in the above shaded gray area you may have a 

mild-to-moderate hearing loss and the AudixMax is suitable for your needs.

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We are fully staffed with Hearing Specialists, repair/troubleshooting technicians and program assistants. Additionally, we have long term relationships with many care providers nationwide. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the hearing health industry.

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