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RxHearing delivers FDA Registered Hearing Aids to their Customers

November 2, 2023

FDA Registered Hearing Aids
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Suncoast News Network recently featured RxHearing for its unwavering commitment to accessible and high-quality hearing care. RxHearing proudly offers FDA registered advanced hearing aids, ensuring safety and effectiveness in addressing hearing needs.

What sets RxHearing apart, as highlighted by Suncoast News Network, is its dedication to convenience and affordability. The Audix series of FDA registered hearing aids is designed to be user-friendly and comfortable, with the entire development process managed in-house to reduce costs and benefit patients.

Suncoast News Network's recognition underscores RxHearing's holistic approach to hearing care, offering free hearing tests, consultations, and hassle-free ordering of FDA registered hearing aids. RxHearing's mission to raise awareness about hearing health and provide effective FDA registered solutions aligns with recent studies emphasizing the consequences of untreated hearing loss.

RxHearing, as acknowledged by Suncoast News Network, is playing a significant role in reshaping the hearing care landscape by focusing on affordability, quality, and comprehensive care, all backed by FDA registration. RxHearing is not just providing hearing aids; it is making a significant impact on lives.

For more information about RxHearing and its mission, please visit their website HERE.

Other Press Releases

FDA registered hearing aids

AP News | RxHearing provides FDA Registered OTC Hearing Aids to their Customers

Nov 17, 2023

RxHearing is redefining hearing care in the U.S. with its FDA-registered, affordable OTC hearing aids available in over 150 independent pharmacies.

image from RxHearing appearance at the National Community Pharmacist Association's Conference

RxHearing exhibits at National Community Pharmacist Association's Conference

Nov 6, 2023

RxHearing recently participated in the National Community Pharmacist Association's (NCPA) Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. At the event, the company showcased its OTC Hearing Aids and Hearing Care solutions tailored for Independent Pharmacies.

AudixLife Hearing Aid

The Golden Bachelor prominently wears his hearing aids on ABC’s new hit show

Oct 4, 2023

We are honored to have been featured in digital journal's recent article, the article highlights our commitment to reshaping the hearing aid industry and promoting the importance of hearing health.

APCI Pharmacists smiling

APCI & RxHearing Partnership Delivers Affordable OTC Hearing Aids and Services to Independent Pharmacies

Sep 20, 2023

American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc. (APCI) has partnered with RxHearing to provide OTC Hearing Aids and Hearing Care services to members.

Screenshot of the RxHearing Website and the Seniors Blue Book logo

Seniors Blue Book Announces National Partnership with RxHearing

Jul 6, 2023

Seniors Blue Book has joined forces with RxHearing to address the often-overlooked issue of hearing loss in seniors.

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